Art Writing Writing Art, founded in 2012 at the University of Bristol, is a discussion and research cluster set up to provide a place of convergence for researchers interested in the actively shifting and overlapping intersections between art, writing and art history. We hope to support, consolidate and expand our research through peer discussion and exploration.

As a framing device for art experience art writing is never neutral, never a mere vehicle for communication. At times it is rhetorical, performative and speculative, at others, recreative, wayward, and imaginative. By studying responses to art we are called on to navigate between linguistic, visual and other sensory idioms. The study of the dialogue between art and writing draws out an understanding of where and how people search for meaning and value in art and writing. The process draws on intellect and emotion alike. The various modes by which we explore art and writing become inseparable, mutually challenging and transgressive. We think feelingly. We write visually. We sense verbally. Our discussion brings into focus the means by which experience and response develop, are communicated and transformed through the written word and artwork.

The interdisciplinarity of the group is crucial, as is our historically and geographically unconfined interest in art and writing. You can find out more about us on our research interests page. We very much welcome comments, suggested reading, interesting conferences and exhibitions you think we should be talking about and would love to hear from more researchers working in the field of art and writing.

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