Dear All,

The Art Writing Writing Art research group at the University of Bristol is pleased to announce our first meeting for 2013/14. We warmly invite all post-graduate students and staff to our forthcoming discussion sessions, which will be held across the Autumn and Spring terms. We have an interesting and diverse series of talks planned for this year.

Our first is meeting is:

Tertulia (a literary salon led by Phil Owen and Megan Wakefield, in association with Arnolfini) who will present ‘Curating and Sharing Trans-disciplinary Approaches to Language’, on 14th October 2013 at 4pm in the First Floor Seminar Room, Arts and Humanities Grad School, 7 Woodland Road.

Phil and Megan will talk through particular Tertulia sessions, exploring how diverse practices have conversed with one another and articulating the community that has developed around these events. They will also talk about the Tertulia participatory workshops they have facilitated in response to specific exhibitions.

About AWWA: Art Writing Writing Art, founded in 2012 at the University of Bristol, is a discussion and research group set up to provide a place of convergence for researchers interested in the actively shifting and overlapping intersections between art, writing and art history. We hope to support, consolidate and expand our research through peer discussion and exploration. Our group is transhistorical and transnational in scope and we welcome contributions from any researcher interested in the interaction between art and writing.

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