The Art Writing Writing Art research group at the University of Bristol are delighted to announce our guest speaker for December:

Professor James Saunders: ‘What’s the worst they could do? The role of ambiguity in verbal scores’
9th December 2013, 2pm, Albert’s Bar, Victoria Rooms, Queens Road, Bristol (booking recommended).

The session will explore writing music and focus in particular on the ambiguity of the word in verbal notation. Professor James Saunders (Bath Spa University) will look at examples of works that use verbal notation, and make realisations of some of the pieces as a group.

James Saunders is a composer and Professor of Music at Bath Spa University. For more information, please see
To take part in the mini performances, please bring along:
Pen and paper and  a collection of objects which might be used to make sounds – variety is good, in terms of the range of sounds and their characteristics (e.g. capable of producing long, short, loud, soft sounds of different types). Bringing an instrument as well/instead is also fine.

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