Holly (Photo credit: webmink)

1) Which angel came to talk to Joseph?

2) How did Cleopatra kill herself?

3) Which queen said “Let them eat cake?”

4) Which famous red haired British woman fought against the Roman’s?

5) Who is the naughty faerie in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream?

6) Which Roman Emperor made candles out of Christians?

7) Which queen was alive when Shakespeare was?

8) By pulling a sword from a stone, who became an English King?

9) Which three presents did the three Kings bestow upon Jesus?

10) Name an exploit of Alexander the Great’s.

11) Which Victorian poet wrote In the Bleak Midwinter?

12) Who brought Christmas trees to Britain in the 19th century?

13) Odysseus was stuck on an island for several years. Who with?

14) Who did Paris fall in love with?

15) Which star is said to be the brightest?

English: A bright star has just reappeared on ...
English: A bright star has just reappeared on the dark limb of the waning crescent moon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Answers to follow shortly…