The Art Writing Writing Art research group at the University of Bristol is delighted to announce our joint seminar with the Literary and Visual Landscapes research cluster:

AWWA and Literary and Visual Landscapes joint seminar: ‘Space and/or Place in Art’,10 February 2014, 5.15pm, First Floor Seminar Room, 7 Woodland Road, Bristol

Speakers include Lucian Waugh and Darrelyn Gunzburg.

We warmly invite all post-graduate students, staff and AWWA supporters to attend.

About AWWA:

Art Writing Writing Art, founded in 2012 at the University of Bristol, is a research cluster set up to provide a place of convergence for researchers interested in the actively shifting and overlapping intersections between art, writing and art history. We hope to support, consolidate and expand our research through peer discussion and exploration. Our group is transhistorical and transnational in scope and we welcome contributions from any researcher interested in the interaction between art and writing.

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