1837 Victoria ascends the throne.
1841 Punch is founded.
1848 Karl Marx publishes his Communist Manifesto.
1848 The Pre-Raphaelites appear on the art scene.
1850 Edwin Landseer is knighted.
1850s Nearly 3.5 million women are in service.
1851 J.M.W. Turner dies.
1851 The Great Exhibition takes place.
1854 William Holman Hunt exhibits The Light of the World.
1854 Crimean War starts.
1857 Edward Elgar is born.
1857 Pornography enters the English language.
1858 The Great Stink.
1859 Isambard Kingdom Brunel dies.
1859 Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species.
1861 First colour photo produced.
1861 Prince Albert dies.
1870 Compulsory education is introduced.
1870 Charles Dickens dies.
1871 27% of brides cannot sign their own name in the register.
1871 Only 8 female Doctors are licensed in Britain.
1871 Bank holiday act creates official holidays
1873 The Great depression (industrial decline & unemployment).
1875 Law recognises trade unions.
1876 Queen Victoria becomes Empress of India
1881 Benjamin Disraeli dies.
1881 Thomas Carlyle dies.
1885 Age of consent raised to 16.
1888 The ‘Bryant & May’ Match Girls strike for higher wages.
1890s One million women are in service.
1895 Oscar Wilde is prosecuted for homosexuality.
1896 William Morris dies.
1897 National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies is set up.
1897 Diamond jubilee.
1898 William Gladstone dies.
1900 John Ruskin dies.
1901 Queen Victorian dies.