Dear Soldier,
One hundred years ago, the people of Europe were increasingly anxious as the possibility of war crept ever closer into their consciousness. Tomorrow war became a reality. An official, announced reality. ‘The Great War’ was upon us.

Only now do we have the space and time to reflect upon that awful period of European history. I sit in a world so different to that which you knew and, in my humility, I thank you. I want you to know that we all thank you. Tomorrow we will remember you. You who fought, you who died, you that were forever scarred by all that you saw, heard, or felt. My heart bleeds for the suffering you endured, but I want you to know that my Society works hard to ensure that life is never forsaken in such a Godless, Dantean way again. The war you met with was beyond imagination; it was abhorrent, desolate, and unforgiveable. It may shock you to know that there was a Second World War. But I promise you that we have learned, and we continue to remember all the sacrifices you young boys and men made.

Tomorrow is the 4th of August, the day Britain declared war against Germany. Tomorrow we will turn our lights out and sit before a simple candle as the whole world reflects upon you soldiers. We will remember Grey’s words “The lamps are going out all over Europe” but I promise you that our world today has much light within it. It is full of hope, and potential, and life. We care, and we tip our hat at you and your pals. We pay homage to you, and we pledge that we will continue to preserve your memory by maintaining peace within our world.

I am humbled by your legacy.

In all sincerity,