Dear All,
Art Writing Writing Art is delighted to announce the next session of AWWA in collaboration with the Literature and Visual Cultures Research Seminar, run by graduate students at Royal Holloway.
Thursday 2 October, 6 pm
Room G3
11 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3RA (Royal Holloway’s central building)

Our interdisciplinary panel will include papers on art writing from:

Kevin Brazil, ‘Samuel Beckett and the Histories of Art’

Henry Mead, ‘T. E. Hulme and Abstraction’

Sam Rose, ‘Inference and Intention in Formalist Art Writing: Lessons from  Michael Baxandall’

See the Literature and Visual Cultures website for abstracts

Kevin Brazil is a DPhil candidate in English Literature at New College, University of Oxford, working on a thesis on the relationship between postwar fiction and visual art. He has articles published or forthcoming in the Journal for Modern Literature and Modernism/modernity, and is a contributing editor on the Beckett Digital Manuscripts Project.

Sam Rose is a Research Fellow at Peterhouse, Cambridge. He is currently completing a book on art writing, aestheticism, and art theory in twentieth-century England.

We look forward to seeing you there,

The AWWA team

About AWWA:

Art Writing Writing Art, founded in 2012 at the University of Bristol, is a research cluster set up to provide a place of convergence for researchers interested in the actively shifting and overlapping intersections between art, writing and art history. We hope to support, consolidate and expand our research through peer discussion and exploration. Our group is transhistorical and transnational in scope and we welcome contributions from any researcher interested in the interaction between art and writing.

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