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The Art Writing Writing Art research group at the University of Bristol is delighted to announce our December workshop with Dr. Kate Elswit:

Epistolary Performance, from Process to Product
Thursday 4th December, 1pm – 2pm
Room G33, 9 Woodland Road, University of Bristol

This workshop centres around a series of fictional letters that Elswit is currently editing for publication, written by contemporary Swedish choreographer Rani Nair to Swedish-based Indian dancer Lilavati Häger after her death. The letters were first written in the early stages of the second-order performance project Future Memory (2012/14). However, they also speak beyond the performance to issues ranging from race and the failures of “multiculturalism” in European society, to questions of inheritance and the intimate person-to-person transmission of history. In the workshop we will discuss the stakes as well as the challenges of transforming such process documents into products, and the particular forms of epistolary performance in which they may function in their own right.

We look forward to seeing you there,

The AWWA team


About Dr. Kate Elswit:

Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Bristol, is author of Watching Weimar Dance (Oxford University Press, 2014). Her research focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to European dance theatre from modernism through the present, with special attention to transnational histories. She has won two major awards for scholarly publications, the Gertrude Lippincott Award from SDHS and the Biennial Sally Banes Publication Prize from ASTR, and her research has been supported by many sources, including a postdoctoral fellowship in the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities at Stanford University. Kate’s essays appear in TDR: The Drama Review, Theatre Journal, Modern Drama, Art Journal, Performance Research, Dance Research Journal, New German Dance Studies, and the Oxford Handbook of Danced Reenactment. Recent performance projects include Future Memory, as dramaturg with choreographer Rani Nair. She is on the editorial boards for Performance Matters and ASAP/Journal.


About AWWA:

Art Writing Writing Art, founded in 2012 at the University of Bristol, is a research cluster set up to provide a place of convergence for researchers interested in the actively shifting and overlapping intersections between art, writing and art history. We hope to support, consolidate and expand our research through peer discussion and exploration. Our group is transhistorical and transnational in scope and we welcome contributions from any researcher interested in the interaction between art and writing.

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