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Chartist Meeting on Kennington Common


Herbert converts to Catholicism (reference to be found in Errington blog posts)


Punch is founded

Carlyle publishes On Heroes

Talbot obtains a patent for the calotype process in photography

London Library founded in Pall Mall


Queen Victoria makes first train journey by a monarch

Newman establishes a semi-monastic community outside of Oxford

Pentonville Prison built

Turner paints Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth (Tate)


Ruskin publishes Modern Painters Vol. I (1843) (Parts I and II) Of General Principles and of Truth (Works 3)

Carlyle publishes Past and Present.

Palace of Westminster fresco competition – 140 cartoons exhibited

Wordsworth becomes Poet Laureate

First Christmas cards are sent


Consecration of two of Pugin’s Roman Catholic churches: St Mary’s Church, Newcastle upon Tyne and St Barnabas Church, Nottingham

Dickens publishes Martin Chuzzlewit

Disraeli publishes Coningsby.

Fox Talbot publishes The Pencil of Nature, the first to be illustrated with photographs


Newman converts to Catholicism

Disraeli publishes Sybil.

Irish famine takes firm hold (the potato blight)

Brunel’s iron steamship SS Great Britain makes Transatlantic crossing


Repeal of the Corn Laws

Religious Opinions Relief Act passed, enabling Jews, Dissenters and Catholics to participate in Public Life


Hunt, Christ and the Two Marys or The Risen Christ with the Two Marys in the Garden Of Joseph of Aramathea (1847 & 1897)

Brown, The Seraph’s Watch (1847, Private Collection).


Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood forms

Kingsley publishes Yeast

Ruskin publishes The Seven Lamps of Architecture

Marx publishes his Communist Manifesto

The Public Health Act – this enables authorities to begin taking sanitation seriously

The Great Chartist Meeting on Kennington Common, April 10th

Rossetti, Angels Watching the Crown of Thorns (1848 or 1849, Jane Elliott Collection)

Rossetti and Hunt declared disbelief in an afterlife in August – refer Grieve


Rossetti, Ecce Ancilla Domini! (1849 – 1850, Tate)

Rossetti, Dante Drawing the Angel on the First Anniversary of Beatrice’s Death (1849, BMAG)

Millais, Christ in the House of his Parents (1849 – 50, Tate)

Hunt paints Christ and the Two Marys (1847 , Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide,)

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Hunt paints Christ and the Two Marys (1847 , Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide,)