Rivière, Daniel’s Answer to the King (1892, Private Collection)

1) Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden after eating from the Tree of Knowledge. The angel barring the gate and ensuring their eviction had a:
a) Flaming sword
b) Flaming hand
c) A lightning bolt
d) A Bible

2) In Genesis the City of Sodom and Gomorrah was visited by angels, but why?
a) The Lord had sent the angels to destroy the city.
b) The Lord had sent the angels to find ten good men.
c) The Lord had sent the angels to warn Lot.
d) All of the above is true.

3) Balaam, a diviner in the Torah, is described as riding his donkey. During Numbers 22:21-39, Balaam’s donkey sees something.
a) A singing angel.
b) A ministration of angels.
c) One angel with a sword.
d) One angel with a sword and a message.

4) In the Apocrypha Toby, son of Tobit, is travelling with the archangel Raphael. Raphael says:
a) Toby needs to catch a fish whose innards will heal his father’s blindness.
b) Toby needs to catch a peacock whose tail feathers will heal his father’s blindness.
c) Toby needs to bathe his father’s eyes in water from the Bethesda.
d) Toby needs to pray for his father’s blindness to be cured.

5) King Darius is tricked into punishing Daniel after agreeing that anyone who worshipped anyone other than himself, should be thrown into a lion’s den. How is Daniel helped?
a) The lions turn into angels.
b) Daniel is protected by angels who gather round Daniel.
c) An angel blinds the lions.
d) An angel brings Daniel a sword to fight the lions.

6) Jacob wrestled with an angel for an entire evening. As the sun rose, Jacob asked the angel for:
a) A blessing.
b) Two sheep and a goat.
c) A herbal unguent.
d) A coat of many colours.

7) During a vision, the Prophet Isaiah’s lips were touched by a piece of burning coal. The angel which did this was a:
a) A seraphim.
b) A cherubim.
c) A principality.
d) A throne.

8) The angel of the Annunciation, who announced to Mary her impending motherhood, is:
a) Michael.
b) Gabriel.
c) Uriel.
d) Nameless.

9) On the birth of Jesus, angels are described as:
a) Guiding the three wise men to Bethlehem.
b) Singing out the news to local shepherds.
c) Angels were not present.
d) Angels fly above the stable.

10) Peter, one of the twelve apostles and the founder of the Church, encounters an angel:
a) When Peter visits Christ’s tomb.
b) Presents Peter with the keys of the Church.
c) Who helps Peter escape from prison.
d) Brings food and water to Peter when he is in prison.