We’re delighted to confirm a wonderful line-up of speakers below for our John Ruskin bicentenary event, Ruskin and the PreRaphaelites: Sacre Conversazioni 

Timings and biographies will be published in our printed programme for the event. Booking is now live online and can be found here.

Day 1: Saturday 21st September
Welcome with Master Louise Moelwyn-Hughes
Opener: Madeleine Emerald Thiele – John Roddam Spencer Stanhope and The Aesthetic Body
Conversation 1: Visions of Church
Dr. Ciaran Rua O’Neill – ‘Artistical Admiration’: John Ruskin and Edward Burne- Jones
Dr. Fiona Mann – A Tale of Three Triptychs: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones
Conversation 2: Missions and Messengers
Charlotte Hone – The Anatomy of an Angel According to John Ruskin and Edward Burne-Jones
Katherine Hinzman – The Art of Ministry, The Ministry of Art? The Complex Relation of Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris, and the ‘Second-Wave Pre-Raphaelites’
Conversation 3: Seeing Life After Death
Simon Poe – Entering the Waters of the Dark River: ‘The Waters of Lethe’ by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope
Julia Griffin – A Fitting Funeral and Burial for William Morris at Kelmscott (1834-1896)
Panel: Ruskin As Influencer
Christopher Newall and Bishop Nicholas Holtam in discussion
Conversation 4: Divine Colour and Sound
Zaynub Zanum – Songs of Praise: Dante Gabriel Rossetti as Biblical Exegesis
Professor Elizabeth Helsinger – The Nobleness and Sacredness of Colour: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Ruskin
KEYNOTE Professor Colin Cruise
Rio, Ruskin, and Rossetti: Renovating Christian Art Criticism and Practice in the Nineteenth Century
Drinks Reception and Richard Shirley Smith at Marlborough College’s Mount House Gallery, followed by the Conference Dinner
Day 2: Sunday 22nd September
Reimagined Consecration Service with Mark Dean and Bishop Nicholas Holtam
Conversation 5: The Sacred in Activism
Professor Lucy Hartley – Art on Sundays: Henrietta Barnett and Whitechapel Fine Art Loan Exhibitions
Dr. Lucy Ella Rose – Mary Watts’s ‘Language of Symbols’: John Ruskin, Religion, and Feminism
Conversation 6: Philosophical Explorations on the Continent
Maria Goloveteeva – Fernand Khnopff and Pre-Raphaelite Art in Belgium
Professor Stephen Bann – Religion and Beauty: Robert de la Sizeranne
Conversation 7: Ploughing the Earth
Dr. Flora Armetta – Ruskin on Work, Dirt, and Beauty
Professor Alison Grant Millbank – ‘Those are leaves’: Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelite Theology of Nature
Conversation 8: Spiritual Perception and (In)Sight
Paul Tucker – John Ruskin on Images: from ‘Ideas of Truth’ to ‘Sacred Imagination of Things that are not’
Dr. Thomas Hughes – Fading and Embodiment in Ruskin, Pater, and Rossetti
KEYNOTE Professor George P. Landow
Ruskin, Credibility, and Power