About Me

My full credentials can be found here.

I am an art historian whose interest lies in British Art of the nineteenth century. I am currently undertaking doctoral research at Aberystwyth University where I am examining angelic depictions within Pre-Raphaelite art c.1840s – 1900s. I am a University of Bristol and Goldsmiths College alumnus.

I am also a founding member of Visual Theology, which is a series of conferences, exhibitions, and related events that explores the relationship between the spiritual imagination and visual culture. Sacred texts and images, and the perspectives of readers and viewers, are more hybrid now than they have ever been.  At Visual Theology we celebrate the diversity of this culture, and encourage new forms of critical dialogue between church leaders, academic specialists, and professional artists.

I regularly present to both academic audiences and the general public. I have presented several talks at Oxford University and in various British art galleries, including Tate Britain and the National Gallery as well as the three major galleries in Madrid, Spain. I have taught at the University of Bristol and have presented papers nationally and internationally, e.g. in the States and Italy. I am also the Visual Arts Editor for the PGR / ECR on-line journal Harts & Minds.

I also teach, lead tours, and on occasion do proof-reading. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in discussing any projects.

About this Blog

This blog is my place to reflect upon everything from well-earned cups of tea to thoughts upon books, conferences, exhibitions and anything nineteenth century, Pre-Raphaelite or art related.

My overriding intention is to demonstrate integrity and professionalism throughout all posts at all times. However, even with the best will in the world anything I do claim as fact may well not be.  My thoughts are mine alone and as such are transitory and liable to change through my personal intellectual journey. As Ruskin said ‘[a]ll true opinions are living, and show their life by being capable of nourishment; therefore of change’ (vii.9).

I believe in supportive academic communities and continuing conversations, so please feel free to contact me if you have any comments and I will endeavour to respond promptly and respectfully (likewise please let me know if you have any concerns, or notice any errors or anything unusual on here).  Thank you for respecting my work: I hope I shall be able to return the favour, and I look forward to many enlightening conversations along this journey.

I may write often or not often at all, for life is busy, and as Salvator Rosa said ‘Be quiet, unless your speech be better than silence’. I hope you will join me as I consider what it is I think, what it is I am reading, looking at, listening to, or am interested in.

Image result for Rosa, detail from Philosophy (circa 1645, NPG)
Rosa, detail from Philosophy (circa 1645, NPG)


Small Print

I am not the owner of images (or rarely) so please note, that although I will attempt to credit sources where possible, if you right click the image, you will be taken to the original source. I am regularly indebted to The Victorian Web for images and information. If I have contravened any copyright or infringed upon your work in any way, please advise as it will never be malicious, but I could have made an oversight. If you are uncomfortable with your images being used in any way, please let me know.

I administer and I am responsible for all of the content on this blog and whilst I hope it may of interest to you, I would ask that just as I try to give credit to those whose material I am engaging with that you also do so (when linking, re-blogging, or using ping backs etc). I make attempts at all points to identify the intellectual owner of any ideas I reference. Where no names are mentioned and no footnotes provided, please assume the intellectual content is my own.

Image via National Gallery.