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Art for Art’s Sake

The Real Meaning of Christmas…

Merry Communist Christmas! x

Lockdown Joys

The Wine of Circe by Rossetti

Dusk-haired and gold-robed o’er the golden wine She stoops, wherein, distilled of death and shame, Sink the black drops; while, lit with fragrant flame, Round her spread board the golden sunflowers shine. Doth Helios here with Hecaté combine (O Circe,... Continue Reading →

See, even Night herself is here

Mantegna and Bellini: Brothers – in Law and Art

  Images via my own collection of photos

Art Now: The Ballad of Saint Jerome by Jesse Darling

On Saturday, Tate Britain unveiled a new body of work by the artist Jesse Darling (Warning, the website is a bit flashy and doesn't seem to work for me. Her insta does though). This is the latest in Tate Britain’s important... Continue Reading →

Dew Drenched Furze: Tennyson and Millais

Calm and deep peace on this high wold, And on these dews that drench the furze, And all the silvery gossamers That twinkle into green and gold

The Many Faces of Jane Morris

John Singer Sargent

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