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Art for Art’s Sake

The Many Faces of Jane Morris

John Singer Sargent

St. George’s Day


Angels i


These are thoughts, quotes, images and ideas spawned from reading Richard Dyer's book, White (London: Routledge, 2017) (first printed in 1997). Images via Tate Gallery, National Gallery, Ashmolean, Wikipedia, and my own collection.  

Tolstoy: to scramble or to savour?

There is an Eastern fable, told long ago, of a traveller overtaken on a plain by an enraged beast. Escaping from the beast he gets into a dry well, but sees at the bottom of the well a dragon that... Continue Reading →

A Lament upon a Wombat

On this day, 6th November, in 1869, Rossetti's wombat sadly died. Rossetti wrote the following ditty and drew the below pen and ink sketch as a memorial. I never reared a young Wombat To glad me with his pin-hole eye,... Continue Reading →

Pre-Raphaelite Reflections: a glimpse

  Images courtesy of the National Gallery, Tate, Wikipedia and my own collection

Burne-Jones Flower Book Part Two

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