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Presenting is Performing

A Worrying Trend I recently attended a conference. This of course is part of general academic life, but there are things about this particular aspect of academia which are becoming increasingly apparent to me with each conference I attend, and... Continue Reading →


I do not want art for a few; any more than education for a few

Tonight I am filled with rage. I am attempting to find an article written by two women which I believe does much to debate the role of Elizabeth Siddal within Pre-Raphaelite literature, specifically aimed at tackling ‘Woman as Sign in... Continue Reading →

Glasgow School of Art

Tragedy is such a hard word to define. In the week a friend of mine lost her step-father, it seems a strange term to apply to the loss of a library. Even as I write with the merest suggestion of... Continue Reading →

St. Nicholas: A (Brief) Hagiography

Once upon a time a butcher slaughtered three children and pickled them in  a jar. This is probably not the typical, family friendly introduction that one expects when delving into the hagiography of a famous Christian bishop, the tradition of... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas to all!

Burne-Jones, The Star of Bethlehem (1897 - 1891, BMAG, Birmingham)

A Cleric’s Christmas: Part Two

The meeting. 3pm Friday was the opportunity to meet with the head teacher of my son's school. For those of us who were either enraged or unemployed enough to give up time, she had emailed to say she would be... Continue Reading →

A Cleric’s Christmas: Part One

Last week a terrible thing happened in a school assembly. On the 4th December, a Reverend went into a school assembly and delivered the line "Of course, we all know Father Christmas isn't real, don't we?" Well, no, not every... Continue Reading →

Remember by Christina Rossetti

This morning, I have chosen to post this sonnet for Jo Blackburn, for today she remembers the life and love she shared with her amazing husband, Andy. Rest in peace Andy,  you are greatly missed by those that were fortunate... Continue Reading →

Royal Baby

A big royal welcome for a little royal baby! The Duchess of Cambridge has a few more children to go to catch Queen Victoria up, but today sees the birth of the third in line to the British throne. Catherine... Continue Reading →

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