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Matisse in the Studio at the Royal Academy

The current Royal Academy exhibition, Matisse in the Studio, has hit a cord with many critics: The knick-knacks that became great art – The Telegraph[1] The RA's new exhibition beckons us into the hedonistic cocoon of the artist's studio, where... Continue Reading →

Burne-Jones: the Hidden Humourist

This 2011 book is a lovely little dip into the more private world of Burne-Jones through his correspondence caricatures. It is essentially, an expanded and refreshed reprint of Letters to Katie: the parameters having been widened to include more text... Continue Reading →

Letters to Katie from Edward Burne-Jones

This book was first published in 1925 when it was edited by William Graham Robertson, who was an artist, author, and Blake collector. This slightly enlarged version is the British Museum 1988 reprint, which draws upon the museum's collection of... Continue Reading →

Grayson Perry’s A House for Essex – Julie’s House

Julie’s House, or a House for Essex as it is variously called, is a collaborative effort between Grayson Perry and Fat Architecture. Perry was commissioned by Living Architecture in 2015 to create the house and it remains part of their... Continue Reading →

The Beardsley Period by Osbert Burdett

Osbert Burdett wrote his book The Beardsley Period in 1925, twenty-seven years after Beardsley died, and nigh on quarter of a century after Oscar Wilde had died. The premise of the book is a little unclear: the title itself being... Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of Simeon Solomon by Bernard Falk

When Bernard Falk was writing the Tragedy of Simeon Solomon, written in his 1938 text Five Years Dead, homosexuality was still a criminal act. Initially Falk’s language, at least in the earliest part of the chapter, is a little jarring... Continue Reading →

The Elements of Drawing by Ruskin (Letter One)

Initially Ruskin's book, The Elements of Drawing in Three Letters to Beginners, opens with a description about who the book is aimed at, and interestingly, who it is not. For example, Ruskin decrees that no child below 12 (or perhaps... Continue Reading →

Queer British Art 1861-1967

Alex Farquharson, Director of the Tate, introduced the Queer British Art seminar on 10th April 2017. He affirmed the premise behind the exhibition was the fifty year anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality (the ‘Sexual Offences Act 1967’). The exhibition,... Continue Reading →

Beatific Souls by Dr. Jen Baker

Dr. Jen Baker’s talk at BRLSI on the 29th March was entitled: Beatific Souls - Child Death in Nineteenth Century Literary & Visual Culture The premise of Baker’s talk was centred around an examination of child death within literature and... Continue Reading →

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