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The Many Faces of Jane Morris

Christina Rossetti: Vision and Verse Press Launch

In an exploration of the celebrated Victorian poet's significant connection with visual art, Christina Rossetti: Vision & Verse, will bring together paintings, illustrations, works on paper and photography. Presenting portraits of the poet and highlights of the many visual images... Continue Reading →


The Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse by Matthew Arnold

  Through Alpine meadows soft-suffused With rain, where thick the crocus blows, Past the dark forges long disused, The mule-track from Saint Laurent goes. The bridge is cross'd, and slow we ride, Through forest, up the mountain-side. The autumnal evening... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Siddal: a recital

Welcome to ‘Looking at Elizabeth Siddal’ Our historical proximity to the Victorians may explain in part, why our collective British consciousness is full with Victorian authors’ names and their respective creations. Novelists like Dickens and Hardy are household names, and... Continue Reading →

Postgraduate CfP: Reassessing Burne-Jones

Postgraduate Call for Papers: Reassessing Burne-Jones Oxford, 21-22 February 2019 Keynotes: Stacey Sell (National Gallery, Washington D.C.) Fiona Mann (Oxford-Brookes University) In light of the latest exhibition on Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) at Tate Britain (24 October 2018-24 February 2019, this... Continue Reading →

The Swagger and the Struggle: Richard Ormond and Lachlan Goudie discuss John Singer Sargent

The Swagger and the Struggle: Richard Ormond and Lachlan Goudie discuss John Singer Sargent Richard Ormond is the grandson of Violet Sargent Ormond, sister of John Singer Sargent. Former deputy director of the National Portrait Gallery and director of the... Continue Reading →

St. Paul’s-within-the-Walls: an MA synopsis

Claire Nicole Ptaschinski’s MA dissertation on the American Episcopal Church in Rome, St. Paul's-within-the-Walls is an interesting dive into art history’s dependency on viewing modernity and secularity as being symbiotic. Whilst this is not the central tenet of her thesis,... Continue Reading →

John Singer Sargent

Tate Press Launch of Aftermath: Art in the Wake of WWI

Marking 100 years since the end of the First World War, this exhibition explores the immediate impact of the conflict on British, German and French art. As the first exhibition to examine the culture of memorials alongside new developments in... Continue Reading →

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