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The Burne-Jones Press Launch

The press launch for the Tate’s upcoming ‘Burne-Jones’ retrospective was staged at All Saints, Margaret Street in Fitzrovia. The Church was designed by William Butterfield in 1850 and is an example of High Church sentiment and High Victorian Gothic architecture.... Continue Reading →


The Tate’s Burne-Jones Press Release

This autumn, Tate Britain will present the first major Burne-Jones retrospective to be held in London for over 40 years. Renowned for otherworldly depictions of beauty inspired by myth, legend and the Bible, Edward Burne-Jones (1833–98) was a pioneer of... Continue Reading →

Academic Mistakes and the Fear of Being or Making One

The title of an article I read yesterday piqued my interest, and after much circling on the internet via JSTOR and various institutions and online journals, I found a copy of it. That process itself is annoying. You either have... Continue Reading →

Lizzie Siddal: an interview with Jeremy Green

Five years ago, the play Lizzie Siddal appeared in the West End. Below is an interview with the playwright, Jeremy Green about the process of researching and writing the play. 1. I understand that your writing of the play Lizzie Siddal... Continue Reading →

Hummingbird by D.H. Lawrence

I can imagine, in some otherworld Primeval-dumb, far back In that most awful stillness, that gasped and hummed, Humming-birds raced down the avenues. Before anything had a soul, While life was a heave of matter, half inanimate, This little bit... Continue Reading →

The Nightingale near the House by Harold Monro

Here is the soundless cypress on the lawn: It listens, listens. Taller trees beyond Listen. The moon at the unruffled pond Stares. And you sing, you sing. That star-enchanted song falls through the air From lawn to lawn down terraces... Continue Reading →

St. George’s Day

How Well Do You Know Angels?

1) Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden after eating from the Tree of Knowledge. The angel barring the gate and ensuring their eviction had a: a) Flaming sword b) Flaming hand c) A lightning bolt d)... Continue Reading →

Visual Theology: Transformative Looking (1850 – Now) Conference CfP

The Inaugural Conference of the Visual Theology Symposium in association with the Diocese of Chichester, and Art and Christianity, will take place this October, 19th and 20th, at the Palace of Chichester. Our website can be found here and it... Continue Reading →

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