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Henry James and Hendrik Christian Andersen

Henry James met the sculptor Hendrik Christian Andersen in Rome in 1899. Andersen was thirty years his junior but the two developed a close relationship and maintained correspondence for around fifteen years. On encountering Andersen, James was enamoured with him... Continue Reading →

O ye gods!

O ye gods! I beseech ye not to spare me my youth, but to leave me the virtues of youth - disinterested animosities, disinterested tears! Let me not become a scolding old (wo)man, enviously growling at a younger race of... Continue Reading →

Marlborough College Summer School – Neo Pre-Raphaelite

The Renaissance by Walter Pater

In Leonardo's treatise on painting only one contemporary is mentioned by Name—Sandro Botticelli. This pre-eminence may be due to chance only, but to some will rather appear a result of deliberate judgment; for people have begun to find out the... Continue Reading →

Marlborough College Summer School – Spencer Stanhope


Marlborough College Summer School – Pre-Raphaelite Symbolism


The Fleshly School of Poetry by Robert Buchanan

If, on the occasion of any public performance of Shakspere's great tragedy, the actors who perform the parts of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were, by a preconcerted arrangement and by means of what is technically known as "gagging," to make themselves... Continue Reading →

Marlborough College Summer School – Pre-Raphaelites

Grayson Perry’s A House for Essex – Julie’s House

Julie’s House, or a House for Essex as it is variously called, is a collaborative effort between Grayson Perry and Fat Architecture. Perry was commissioned by Living Architecture in 2015 to create the house and it remains part of their... Continue Reading →

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