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Art Now: The Ballad of Saint Jerome by Jesse Darling

On Saturday, Tate Britain unveiled a new body of work by the artist Jesse Darling (Warning, the website is a bit flashy and doesn't seem to work for me. Her insta does though). This is the latest in Tate Britain’s important... Continue Reading →


Ophelia’s Opium

Rossetti enters into the house at Blackfriars on returning from fetching more doctors, who follow after him. He rushes past Ellen and the maid up the stairs toward Lizzie. He enters the room to find Lizzie in bed, in a... Continue Reading →

Commentary on a Monologue: Ophelia’s Opium

I have chosen to write as the Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti for this monologue as his life offers high drama, which is appropriate for this genre. Throughout the decline of his relationship with his wife, Lizzie, there was a... Continue Reading →

Dew Drenched Furze: Tennyson and Millais

Calm and deep peace on this high wold, And on these dews that drench the furze, And all the silvery gossamers That twinkle into green and gold

Flowers and Disruption

The scene is set in the street, with only a lamp post and a heavy door which leads to the ceremony of doctors. There is a choir singing behind the door. Enter Lawyer and Girl. Girl is stood listening holding... Continue Reading →

Commentary on a Pastiche: Flowers and Disruption

Throughout the writing of this pastiche, I was very conscious of what my aims and objectives were. It is difficult to emulate someone's style without feeling the threat of plagiarism. I tried not to refer to any of Strindberg's works... Continue Reading →

Bedouin Burdens

Her womb had become barren a little too soon, So her husband set search for a child bearing wife. He would watch the tribes, with eyes as bright as the moon, for Arabian charms and a young virgin life. She... Continue Reading →

Commentary on a Narrative Poem: Bedouin Burdens

I find the colour and diversity of the Middle East and Africa something close to delicious and I admire the people's ability to cope with poverty in such a dignified, religious manner. There is no sense of the trauma that... Continue Reading →

Why Did She?

After sickness, angels' pinions did claim Your body had been divinely summoned. Here dam'd on earth I was but imprisoned You by my side was now not to remain. Still I am your weak slave, your grave my shrine For... Continue Reading →

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