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Upcoming September 2019: Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites: Sacra Conversazione, Marlborough College, Wiltshire.

Upcoming July 2019: TBC The Pre-Raphaelites: Myth, Sexuality and the Heavenly Bodies, by invitation of The Jung Club, London.

Upcoming April 2019: TBC Burne-Jones, by invitation of The Pre-Raphaelite Society, Birmingham.

Upcoming April 2019: TBC Burne-Jones, by invitation of The Victorian Society, Birmingham.

Upcoming Spring 2019: TBC Pre-Raphaelite Religious Bodies, by invitation of Winchester Catholic History Society.

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Rossetti, The Roman Widow (1874, Museo de Arte de Ponce, Puerto Rico)

Upcoming November 2018: The Pre-Raphaelites: Religion and RebellionBruton School for Girls, Somerset.

Upcoming October 2018: Transformative Looking Between the Visual Arts and Christian Doctrine (1850 – Now), The Inaugural Conference of Visual Theology, Chichester Palace.

Upcoming July, 2018: The Fall of Oscar Wilde’s Elegant Republic, Marlborough College Summer School.

Upcoming July, 2018: The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Marlborough College Summer School.

Upcoming May, 2018: Heavenly Bodies, by invitation of Marlborough College Art History Society, Marlborough College.

March, 2018: Chairing ‘The “Beardsley Period” and Beyond’ panel for the Beardsley Eve Symposium, Birkbeck, University College of London.

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Rossetti, Dante Drawing an Angel (1853, Ashmolean)

Previous Events

July, 2017: Pre-Raphaelitism: Religion, Symbolism and Aestheticism, by invitation of Marlborough College Summer School.

May, 2017: John Roddam Spencer Stanhope: Locating the Florentine, La Pietra NAVSA / AVSA Conference, Villa La Pietra, NYU, Purdue University, Florence.

April 25th, 2017: The Pre-Raphaelite Aesthetic Body, by invitation of Bath Royal Scientific and Literature Institution. 

March 27th, 2017: G.F. Watts and the Heroic Labourer, Art History in the Pub, White Bear, Bristol by invitation of University of Bristol.

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Rossetti, La Bella Mano (1875, Delaware)

December, 2016: Christmas Angels, Charter School, Wiltshire

November, 2016: The Pre-Raphaelite Body: Rossetti’s Monks and Angels, Centre for Gender Studies, University of Winchester, by invitation of University of Winchester

August 2016: Edwardian Consumption of Victorian Angels, Consuming (the) Victorians, BAVS 2016, Cardiff University

July 2016: The Pre-Raphaelites: Undermining Carlyle’s Muscularity, Recovering the Hidden Carlyle Conference, TORCH, Keble College, Oxford University

July 2016: The Face of a Prophet: The G.F. Watts Carlyle Portrait from the Ashmolean Collection, by special invitation of the Recovering the Hidden Carlyle Conference organisers, TORCH, Keble College, Oxford University

July 2016: Carlyle on Hunt’s The Light of the World, by special invitation of the Recovering the Hidden Carlyle Conference organisers, TORCH, Keble College Chapel, Oxford University

January 2016: Angels in Art, History and Legend by invitation of Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Wiltshire

Image result for dante gabriel rossetti paintings
Rossetti, detail from Proserpine (the eighth and final version) (1882, BMAG)

December 2015: Pre-Raphaelite Angels on High? by invitation of Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, Wiltshire

October 2015: Edward Burne-Jones: The Personal Religions of Pre-Raphaelite Angels, Sacred Literature, Secular Religion Conference, Le Moyne University, Syracuse, New York

March 2015: Pre-Raphaelite Angels: Guarding the Future, by invitation of Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire

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Rossetti, Pandora (1878, Liverpool)

August 2014: Anglican Anxieties and the Pre-Raphaelite Body, Anxious Bodies conference, University of Glasgow

February 2014: Angelos as Messenger: Holman Hunt’s The Shadow of Death, University of Bristol

January 2014: Pre-Raphaelite Sacred Art Writing: Ruskin, Rossetti and Holman Hunt, AWWA Research Cluster, University of Bristol

April 2013: The Marlborough College Paintings; An Attempt to Invert Victorian Muscular Christianity, All Saints Church, Putney, London

March 2013: From Dissertation to PhD, An Introduction, University of Bristol

November 2012: Introduction to the Angelic Form, University of Bristol

October 2012: John Roddam Spencer Stanhope; Revival, Reception & Reputation, The New Faces Series at Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

April 2012: Leonardo da Vinci Jubilee Exhibition Tour Guide, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Bristol

2007 – 2010: Tour guide around the collections of the National Gallery, the Tate, and the three main galleries in Madrid (Museo Nacional del Prado, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum).